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Welcome to Enjoy Cardiff, one of the best places to hunt out all of the best and recent things to do and places to visit in the wonderful city. Stay up to date with the colourful, bright and energetic city of Cardiff. Whether you’re searching for restaurant hotspots to enjoy a mouth-watering meal, the best cocktail bars in the city to indulge in delicious mojitos or to find comfy and luxurious hotels to make your stay worthwhile, you have come to the right place.

Here at Enjoy Cardiff we want to help you to explore the city as easily as possible which is why we are here to help you along. By sharing our experiences and knowledge of the vibrant city, you will have just what you need all in one place, right here.

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales as well as the largest. Cardiff became the capital of Wales because Queen Elizabeth II realised Wales didn’t have a capital after the intent of visiting all capitals in the UK. The history of Wales doesn’t stop there though, Cardiff city was once a Roman Fort, used by the romans when they invaded Cardiff. Soon later, the Roman Fort turned into a castle, which was the beginning for Cardiff. You can explore more about the history of Cardiff in our on-coming Enjoy Cardiff blogs!

There is always something to do and places to see in Cardiff. With our help, you will be able to prioritise your trip to Cardiff with only the best of the city! We hope you have fun discovering the fabulous city. We will be updating you regularly on our socials to keep you up to date with our exciting Cardiff content.

Top 5 things to see and do to Enjoy Cardiff:

  1. Cardiff Castle
  2. Cardiff Bay
  3. Victorian Arcades
  4. National Museum
  5. Principality Stadium

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