Cardiff Attractions

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for the top must-see Cardiff attractions. Join us as we visit some of Cardiff’s most popular sights, including Cardiff Bay and the Victorian Arcades. From gorgeous historic sights to exhilarating one-of-a-kind excursions, there is something for everyone in this guide.

Cardiff Castle


First up on our list of Cardiff attractions is Cardiff Castle, one of Wales most renowned heritage tourist sites. At Cardiff Castle you can take a walk and discover almost 2,000 years of history, including displays of fascinating historic relevance to each room and the people who lived and worked there. Not only this but Cardiff castle is surrounded by well preserved nature! A great fun-filled day out for all.

Cardiff Bay


Next up is Cardiff Bay, a beautiful spot to explore in Cardiff, particularly on a bright day. Take a stroll or a bike ride through the magnificent Bay trails, which feature boats, shipwrecks, taxi boats as well as a trail for birdwatching. Around Cardiff Bay you will also find numerous cafes, shops, restaurants and museums, an ideal spot to be entertained all day long if need be.

Millennium Centre


Another on the list of Cardiff attractions is the Millenium Centre, home for arts in Wales and a venue to entertain you day or night. You’ll find many events take place here including ballet, opera, dance, classical music, performing arts, you name it. In addition you can take a guided tour around the centre and discover the behind the scenes.

Victorian Arcades


Moving on we have the Victorian Arcades, a stunning location for Cardiff architecture and a fantastic place to enjoy a day of shopping. The Victorian Arcades were built to help shoppers avoid the busy streets of Cardiff and therefore, have the benefit of an inside shopping centre. The Arcade is sprawled with many shops, some shop fronts which have been untouched since 1858!

National Museum Cardiff


Next on our list of Cardiff attractions is the National Museum. A place to discover history from long ago, including fascinating displays and art exhibitions. From wildlife, Animals, and even dinosaurs, this National Museum is full of excitement. You can also enjoy museum talks and Roman sleepovers. Best part is it’s free! 

Roath Park


If you’re into walks and nature, Roath Park is a fantastic place to enjoy the outdoors. It’s one of Cardiff’s most popular attractions for walkers, runners and cyclists as well as locals and Cardiff visitors. Spend the day exploring the acres of Roath Park and unwind by scenic and calming waters. Take a picnic and enjoy a bite to eat with family and friends!

Caerphilly Castle


Next up we have the spectacular Caerphilly Castle, one of the biggest castles in the country. You can take a walk around the castle and explore each section, including a unique moat bridge, old weaponry and armour displays from those who ruled the castle. In addition, you can take in the beautiful scenery, including the calming waters and greenery surrounding the Castle.

The Red Castle: Castell Coch


Staying with the theme of castles, we have The Red Castle (Castle Coch) which is over 200 years old. This castle is truly unique home to carvings of creatures, religious icons and famous fairy tales. The castle is a significant Cardiff landmark, attracting many visitors due to its gorgeous storybook castle look. A fantastic day out in Cardiff.

Cardiff International White Water


If you’re into water sports you’ll enjoy Cardiff International White Water, with a bunch of exciting water sports to choose from such as: Kayaking, surfing, bodyboarding and canoeing. The facility holds man made water which can be controlled to suit each water sporting activity, a one of a kind experience in Cardiff. 

Principality Stadium


Last but not least we have Principality Stadium in Cardiff for those rugby lovers, the national stadium of Wales. A great place to tour the iconic Cardiff rugby and football grounds and even catch a game if you’re lucky. This stadium also hosts live concerts and exhibitions. 

Overview of Cardiff Attractions

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